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Kassem Lahham Company Director 
Pax Press Agency, Sarl. was founded in 2015 by Christian (Major Shareholder & President)  and Patricia Peschken (VP) and Kassem Lahham (Company Director). The company develops, produces, distributes. documents content mostly about the Holy See’s work and other organizations in the Catholic faith based sector in Geneva, but also in the interreligious and humanitarian sector.  They also produce documentaries and reports  for religious organizations (Catholic, Evangelicals, Islam) and humanitarian NGO’s and international Aid organizations in Geneva. (click on Mr. Lahham’s foto for his bio)
Pax Press Agency, Sarl. - DE # CHE-187.113.256 - Fed # CH-660.6.368.015-8 Nuncio Silvano Tomasi , Msgr Ghyra and Peschken in 2014 Archbishop Jurkovic at mass at Notre Dame Geneva H.E. Ambassador Marie Therese Pictet-Althann , Order of Malta Cardinal Peter Turkson during Interview by Pax Press Agency  Peter Maurer , Director ICRC during Pax Press Agency Interview
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Sheikh Imran Hosein and Mr. Peschken in Geneva
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