2024 Maruti Swift Review: Better Than The Older Swift? [Video]

Maruti launched the new Swift in the market last week. The car has already started reaching dealerships, and we have seen several videos and images of the new-generation Swift. Almost everyone is now aware of the features that Maruti is offering with the new Swift. We have several walkaround videos of the same online. However, we all have that one question in mind: How does the new Swift drive? Here we have a video that answers just that.

The video has been shared by Classic Gears on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger takes the all-new Swift’s top-end manual variant for a quick drive. He checks several aspects of the car while driving it.

Changes on the outside

He starts the video by talking about the exterior first. The previous-generation Swift came with several chrome accents. These have been removed from the current-generation model. The car gets blacked-out headlamps with projector LED lights, LED DRLs, and LED fog lamps.

The tail lamp is a clear lens unit with blacked-out interiors. The LED tail lamps with a C-shaped design also give it a premium look. The vlogger then drives the car and almost immediately says that the car feels very refined.

New 3 cylinder engine good enough?

The Swift, for the first time, is being offered with a 3-cylinder engine. This is an all-new Z-Series engine that generates 82 Ps and 112 Nm of peak torque. This is way less than the older generation model.

The vlogger pushes the accelerator and says that there is not much vibration, and the engine noise is also not too loud. The engine revs up to 5,000 rpm when in neutral. The all-new engine used in the Swift is actually developed in such a manner that it suits city driving conditions. The low-end of the engine is quite good and is quite peppy inside the city.

The vlogger drives the car in second gear at a speed of 20 kmph. He did the same test while the car was in 3rd gear. In both tests, the engine managed to pick up speed without any clatter from the engine. The car was picking up speed well, and the vlogger felt that the new Swift was handling speeds pretty well.

Swift review
Swift review

Does it handle as well as older Swifts?

He felt confident while making overtakes. The steering was light, as you would expect from a city car. The steering was returning to its original position too effortlessly. While driving the car, he found the driver-centric center console useful as he did not have to take his eyes off the road to operate it.

He even tried to launch the car on an empty road. The car managed to touch 90 kmph in second gear. Maruti claims that the 0-60 kmph time on the new Swift has improved, and he feels that is true. He also tested the brakes on this new hatchback. He applied brakes while the car was doing triple-digit speed. We do not recommend anyone to do this test on a public road, as the vlogger here had applied brakes while driving in the overtaking lane.

While he did check for traffic coming from the rear, it is always a good idea to be safe than sorry. The vlogger could have taken the car to the left lane for slow-moving cars and done this test. The vlogger mentions that the new Swift feels good to drive and is returning good fuel efficiency too. If you are looking for a fuel-efficient petrol hatchback, Swift can definitely be on your list.

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