55 Heartwarming Father’s Day Crafts for Kids

With Father’s Day approaching, many teachers prepare to have students make gifts to bring home for the dads and father figures in their lives. We know every student has a different home situation, but for those who want to participate, these Father’s Day crafts for kids are all easy to do and don’t require expensive supplies. Whether you want to create a rustic picture frame, make a secret message for your dad to decode, or create something from a handprint or footprint, there’s something for everyone here. You can even send this list of Father’s Day crafts home if your last day of school falls before the holiday.

LEGO bricks in a jar -- father's day crafts for kids
The Seasoned Mom

1. Building Memories With Dad

This adorable jar of memories can be added to for years to come. Kids write their memories on LEGO bricks and put them in a jar for Dad.

Get tutorial: DIY Father’s Day Gift

A wooden frame has scrabble letters glued to the edges that say fantastic father
Easy Peasy and Fun

2. Scrabble Tile Frame

Put those old scrabble tiles and buttons to good use to make this rustic and oh-so-adorable picture frame. Let kids pick which picture they would like to include inside the frame.

Get tutorial: Father’s Day Scrabble Tile Frame

Record coasters -- father's day crafts for kids
Craft Project Ideas

3. Upcycled Records

We love a good upcycled project! Do you have old records lying around? If not, no worries … ask your students’ parents to send in some. This is the perfect time to make coasters.

Get tutorial: Father’s Day Upcycled Record Coasters

Trophy cut out decorated -- father's day crafts for kids
Meri Cherry

4. “Best Dad” Trophy

It’s time to show Dad (or Grandpa or an uncle) that they are tops! These trophies are the perfect last-minute Father’s Day crafts for kids because they can be embellished with anything you’ve got lying around, from pom-poms and Popsicle sticks to beads and pipe cleaners.

Get tutorial: Father’s Day Trophies

Two hammers have messages to fathers engraved in them.
The Best Kids Crafts and Activities

5. A Hammer With a Message

First, have kids write sweet messages to their father figures on the handles of their hammers. Then, have an adult use a wood-burning tool to permanently etch the messages on the hammers.

Get tutorial: DIY Personalized Engraved Hammer

Paper roll figurines decorated like dad -- father's day crafts for kids
Non-Toy Gifts

6. Paper Roll Craft

It’s easy to round up empty toilet paper rolls! Decorate them with craft paint and googly eyes and embellish them with paper to make this look “just like Dad.”

Get tutorial: Paper Roll Father’s Day Craft

A couple of views of a paper plate craft with a father tossing a little girl in the air is shown.
The Joy of Sharing

7. Flying High With Daddy

Before getting started, download the free template. Father’s Day crafts for kids that can be animated are some of the coolest. Check out this adorable craft that allows for the cartoon dad to throw his child into the air!

Get tutorial: Father’s Day Craft

Father's Day crafts for kids that include footprints and handprints like this one are popular. Men's size shoe prints are overlayed with a child's footprint.

8. Big Shoes to Fill

Before getting started, get some washable paint and a man’s shoe to make the father’s footprints. Then, have kids dip their feet into the paint and stamp them on top of the larger footprints. This gift will surely pull at the heartstrings of any father figure.

Get tutorial: Father’s Day Gift From the Boys

A keychain with personalized notes on it is shown.
The Taylor House

9. Key Chain Love

With this craft, Dad will be able to have a sweet little reminder every time he grabs his keys. Each student will need a few paint chips, washi tape, and a key ring. To make this even more special, choose Dad’s favorite colors or maybe even his favorite sports team’s colors. For younger students, you might consider typing or writing out their responses for them.

Get tutorial: Father’s Day Craft Keychain

'There's no butter pop than you' painted on canvas
Craft Project Ideas

10. There’s No “Butter” Pop Than You

This cute card is so easy to make! You just need small canvases, paint, and some yellow pom-poms for the popcorn.

Get tutorial: Father’s Day Popcorn Pom Craft

A crown made from a recycled cereal box is shown. It has been painted and decorated.
Red Ted Art

11. Cereal Box Crown

Teach kids about recycling while creating something extra special for the father figures in their lives. Have kids bring in cereal boxes from home, then provide them with a variety of decorative materials so they can really personalize their crowns.

Learn more: How To Make a Cereal Box Crown for Father’s Day

Photo frame with puzzle pieces -- father's day crafts for kids
Crafty Morning

12. Love You to Pieces Frame

Take photos of the kids or ask them to bring one from home. Then have them paint Popsicle sticks, let them dry, and add puzzle pieces to the frame. Super cute and easy to do.

Get tutorial: Love You to Pieces Father’s Day Frame Gift

A cube is decorated with a shirt and tie on the top and a note to Dad on the side.
Plaid Online

13. Crafty Cubes

This crafty cube doubles as a paperweight for Dad’s office. It is also the perfect opportunity to work in a geometry lesson about cubes. Each student needs a wooden cube, Mod Podge, and six decorations, one for each side of the cube. Students can customize the six sides with messages, or they can use photos to make a photo cube.

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dad narrative
Happy Home Fairy

14. Dad Photo and Poem

With a little bit of planning (i.e., holding a photo session), your students can create this card. Not only will Dad get a snapshot of his child at this age, but he’ll also get to read the little narrative written by his child. You can grab the free printable at the link below.

Get tutorial: A Father’s Day Project Free Printable

Father's Day crafts for kids can include candy like these cute tie shaped decorations filled with skittles and other candies.
Natural Beach Living

15. Candy Tie

Have a wide array of scrapbook paper available for this project so kids can really personalize their dad’s tie. Once the tie shape is done, cut pieces out to use to outline the edges. Then, fill with candy and cover with a sheet protector. Finally, hot-glue the edges.

Get tutorial: The Best DIY Father’s Day Card

Superheroes are made with Hershey's bars as the bodies.
I Heart Crafty Things

16. Candy Bar Superheroes

Another adorable candy craft for your favorite father figure. Kids will have so much fun personalizing their superheroes, complete with a note about why their dad is super.

Get tutorial: Super Dad Father’s Day Gift

A picture frame made of sticks is shown.

17. Rustic Photo Frame

Move over, macaroni frames: Rustic twig frames are here to stay. Bring in the twigs or have the class spend a little extra time during recess gathering them. In the process, you can also work in a little science lesson about twigs (e.g., why some branches stop producing leaves).

Get tutorial: Help Kids Make a Rustic Frame for Dad

Superhero coasters are shown.
Modge Podge Rocks

18. Comic Book Coasters

This craft isn’t technically for children, but with a few modifications, you can use it in your classroom. (You’ll have to skip the spray paint or just do it ahead of time.) You also have the freedom to swap out the content if you don’t want to use comic books. If you do want to use them, just cut out comics from the newspaper. You can also have students bring in pictures, old comic book pages, or even hand-drawn notes.

Get tutorial: DIY Comic Book Coasters Made With Mod Podge

A card says DAD
Preschool Crafts for Kids

19. D-A-D Card

Cards are a classic Father’s Day gift, but this one adds a little spunk to the ol’ standby. Students can practice their scissoring skills by cutting along these curves. They can also decorate the card with paint, stickers, and other designs that represent their dad.

Get tutorial: Father’s Day D-A-D Card Craft

A white mug says Dad and is colored brightly.
I Heart Arts n’ Crafts

20. Scribble Mug

You can get these white mugs for about a dollar at Walmart. You’ll also need paint markers and geometric-shaped stickers. Students use the stickers to design their mugs and then scribble over the message. Once they’re done coloring, students peel off the stickers to reveal the artwork underneath. To make the paint hold, bake the mugs for about 30 minutes. (You’ll have to take them home to do this or send them home with instructions for baking the mugs.)

Get tutorial: Father’s Day Scribble Mug

A dog on a card is holding a bone that says You are Paw-fect.
Homeschool Preschool

21. A Paw-fect Craft

Get the free template for this adorable Father’s Day card. You’ll also need card stock, two cupcake liners, markers, googly eyes, a glue stick, and scissors. This is especially perfect for the dog-loving dads out there.

Get tutorial: Easy Father’s Day Craft

Homemade fish on a string father's day card
The Best Ideas for Kids

22. Hooked on Daddy

It just wouldn’t be a Father’s Day craft roundup without a handprint craft! While mothers get handprints turned into flowers, dads get fishing-themed cut-outs of handprints. Add a Popsicle stick and some twine, and you’re ready to go! Depending on the student’s age, you could have them handwrite the bottom portion of the card, making it more personal.

Get tutorial: Fish Handprint Card

Paper bags are decorated to look like shirts and ties.
Little Family Fun

23. Father’s Day Goodie Bags

A goodie bag that also looks like Dad’s favorite shirt and tie? Perfect! All you need is paper bags, craft paper, and tape. You can either send the bags home as is or send them home filled with candy, cookies, or other little treats. Tip: Be sure to grab a few sheets of camo-patterned craft paper for any dads who are in the military!

Get tutorial: Father’s Day Goodie Bags

Tackle box filled with Swedish Fish and a tag that says, "Hugs and Fishes for You Dad. Happy Father's Day!"

24. Swedish Fish Tackle Box

For dads who have a sweet tooth or love to fish, here’s one of the simplest Father’s Day crafts for kids. Just pick up a plastic tackle box from the bead section of the craft store. Then fill it with Swedish Fish. Finally, tie a bow and attach the printable gift tag.

Get tutorial: Hugs and Fishes for Dad

Neon colored tray made of duct tape holding wallet, keys, sunglasses
Today’s Parent

25. Duct Tape Tray

This craft is fun, easy, and useful too. Use colored duct tape folded and secured with brass fasteners to build Dad a custom tray to store his keys, wallet, and pocket change.

Get tutorial: How To Make a Duct-Tape Tray

A self portrait of a man is made up of scraps of paper.
Better Homes and Gardens

26. A Portrait for Dad

Save all your old magazines and other scraps of paper, then put them to good use making this creative collage portrait. Any father figure will surely be happy to receive a portrait of themselves made by someone special!

Get tutorial: Scrappy Self-Portrait

The words Father and Number One are molded from clay and decorated with gems.
Art Fun Studio

27. A Father’s Day Sculpture

Get your hands on some air-dry clay that your students can then use to sculpt something special for the father figures in their lives. Have students paint their canvas with acrylic paint. Then, have them sculpt something to eventually glue to the canvas. While the clay is still wet, kids can decorate their sculptures with a variety of gemstones.

Get tutorial: Father’s Day Crafts for Kids Easy Project

A spatula and a spoon are decorated to look like superheroes.
One Little Project

28. Superhero Utensils

Another superhero-themed craft for Father’s Day, but this one serves a more useful purpose. The grill master in your life will get a kick out of a superhero spatula.

Get tutorial: Superhero Father’s Day Gift

Father's Day crafts for kids can include edible things like these cupcakes that have edible rocks on them and say Dad U Rock.
Oh Happy Day

29. “You Rock” Cupcakes

If you have access to an oven, this is the perfect Father’s Day craft for kids. Kids love to help bake goodies and dads love to eat them, so it is a win-win. Be sure to buy some edible rocks for this craft!

Get tutorial: “You Rock” Cupcakes

A child's hand with paint on it is shown on the bottom and three baseballs are shown with handprints on them in this example of Father's Day Crafts for Kids.
The Kindergarten Connection

30. Handprint Baseball

This craft is so simple but so adorable. In addition to the baseballs, you will need an ink pad and some baby wipes for cleanup. Simply rub tiny hands over the ink pad, press onto the baseball, then add a ribbon or something similar for a finishing touch!

Get tutorial: Father’s Day Baseball Handprint Craft

several tree shaped air fresheners are made from plaid fabric.
Country Living

31. DIY Air Fresheners

Before doing this project with a large group, you may want to stock up on small wooden Christmas tree ornaments. You’ll probably get them for an especially good price if you wait until just after the holidays. Once you have your wooden ornaments, trace and cut the shape out of a fabric of your choice. Then glue them to the front and back of the ornament. Once dry, you can soak them in a favorite scent by using essential oils.

Get tutorial: DIY Air Fresheners

32. Macaroni Masterpiece

When it comes to Father’s Day crafts for kids, nothing beats some good old-fashioned macaroni art! Give kids pasta in a variety of shapes, as well as markers, paint, and glue, and then watch the creativity take flight.

A paper plate is painted blue. It has an arrow in the middle that can be spun to point to different chores.
Craft n Kids Blogspot

33. Wheel of Dad

All you need to bring this original gift idea to life is a paper plate, construction paper, markers, and a paper fastener. Any dad would be excited to give this spinner a whirl.

Get tutorial: Father’s Day Spinning Plate

Father's Day crafts for kids can include everyday objects like this clothes hanger that has been decorated and says Dad on it.
Motherhood on a Dime

34. Father’s Day Hanger

As far as Father’s Day crafts for kids go, this one is inexpensive but also adorable and practical. Cut poster board to fit the inside of a plastic hanger and use a hole punch to place holes every inch and a half or so apart. Then sew some string around the edges of the hanger and into the holes. Finally, let your students decorate with stickers or whatever else tickles their fancy!

Get tutorial: Father’s Day Hanger Craft

A cardboard cutout says Top Secret at the top and has four separate spinners with codes on them.
Pink Stripey Socks

35. Spy Card

Father figures are sure to have fun while they de-code a super-sweet and super-secret message from their kiddos. This spy card is so different from your typical Father’s Day crafts for kids.

Get tutorial: Father’s Day Secret Message Card

Several rainbow popsicle sticks are stacked together with sweet messages written on them in this example of Father's Day kids crafts.
ABCDee Learning

36. Popsicle Stick Rainbow

All you need to create this oh-so sweet craft are 11 Popsicle sticks, a Sharpie, and some twine. Kids simply write 10 things they love about the father figure in their life on the sticks and then tape them all together. Use rainbow-color Popsicle sticks so this craft really pops.

Get tutorial: Popsicle Stick Craft

A glass jar has different coffee related items in it in this example of Father's Day Crafts for Kids.
Better Homes and Gardens

37. Coffee Craft

We can’t think of a more perfect Father’s Day craft than one that involves coffee and chocolate! Fill a jar with some coffee-related goodies and then add a cute tag.

Get tutorial: Coffee-Lovers Gift

Several painted tees are shown. A golf club and ball are also shown in this example of Father's Day crafts for kids.
Merriment Design
Three jars are shown filled with different seasonings in this example of Father's Day crafts for kids.
Sustain My Craft Habit

39. Seasoning Jars

The kids may need a little help from someone with a Cricut for this project. Grab some mason jars, fill them with seasonings, and then add some cute Cricut designs like Grill Master and BBQ.

Get tutorial: Father’s Day BBQ Gifts: DIY Seasoning Mix Jars

A little alien is made into a card out of construction paper in this example of Father's Day crafts for kids.
I Heart Crafty Things via Instagram

40. A Thankful Alien

This cute little alien is the perfect way to thank the special father figure in your life.

Get tutorial: I Heart Crafty Things

A burlap bag has rocks on top of it with Xs and Os drawn on them. The tag says,
Teachstarter via Instagram

41. Tic-Tac-Toe

Do you love playing games with your dad? If so, then this is a great gift idea. You’ll want to go on a rock hunt before getting started. Then, draw a board on a small burlap bag, add X’s and O’s to the rocks, and attach a sweet message.

Get tutorial: Father’s Day Craft

A mom, Dad, a child, and a dog are made from painted rocks in this example of Father's Day crafts for kids.
Happi Crafts via Instagram

42. Rock Family

Paint some rocks and grab some other art supplies and then get to work creating a family portrait. Don’t forget the family pet! Dad will be so excited to receive this gift and proudly display it at work or home.

Get tutorial: Family Rock Portraits

A dandelion is created from different colored dots. The card reads I couldn't wish for a better dad!
Just Like Home Childcare via Instagram

43. Make a Wish

Who hasn’t made a wish on a dandelion as it turns to seeds? Use your child’s fingerprint and some rainbow-colored paint to create a dandelion flower. Then add a sweet message.

Get tutorial:Father’s Day Prints

A white bag is filled with candy and has a black moustache on the top.
A Pumpkin & a Princess

44. Moustache Bag

If your father figure rocks facial hair, he will be sure to get a kick out of this cute treat bag. We’re also willing to bet that he likes candy!

Get tutorial: Love You to Pieces Printable

Two pieces of paper are shown. One has a handprint turned into a guitar on it. It says My Dad rocks because.
Etsy/ModFox Studio

45. A Musical Note

We definitely love Etsy here at We Are Teachers. Check out this adorable printable that kids can make to celebrate all the things they love about their dad for Father’s Day. Bonus points if he’s a musician.

Get tutorial: Father’s Day Music Printable

A wooden slab has You're a real cool Grandpa at the top and a fishing rod with a handprint on it.
Etsy/The Rustic Oak Co

46. A Reel Cool Grandpa

This is the perfect gift if you are a little short on time. Buy this adorable wooden plaque and just add your little’s handprint for the fisherman in their life.

Buy it: You’re a Reel Cool Dad

Two blue footprints are pieced together with googly eyes to look like an owl. Text reads You're a Hoot Dad.
Ambre via Pinterest

47. A Hoot

Two little footprints make for the perfect owl. Add some googly eyes, a beak, some feet, and a branch, and don’t forget the cute message too!

Get tutorial: Owl Footprint Art

A shirt has children's fingerprints and names on it in this example of Father's Day crafts for kids.
All Kids Network

48. A Homemade Shirt

Grab a plain white tee in Dad’s size and some fabric paints, and get to work making him his new favorite shirt! This gift can be given by all the littles in Dad’s life.

Get tutorial: Father’s Day Shirt Craft

A sign has two black footprints turned into a game controller. Text reads A gift for my favorite gamer.
Hailie via Pinterest

49. Favorite Gamer

Dads and grandads love homemade gifts that include tiny footprints and handprints. They serve as a reminder of how tiny our kids once were. If Dad loves video games, he’ll surely get a kick out of this sign!

Get tutorial: Gamer Dad

Worker gloves have paint handprints on them.

50. Glove Gift

Whatever project Dad is working on, it’s likely he needs a pair of work gloves, so this gift idea is both adorable and useful. Create a matching pair for both Dad and his favorite little helper or two.

Get tutorial: Adorable DIY Father’s Day Craft Ideas

A desk organizer is made of different sized paper tubes with different colored construction paper on them.
This Crafty Family

51. Desk Organizer

If your dad has a desk job, this is the perfect gift to help him get organized. In the weeks before doing this project, save some paper rolls, or in the absence of them, just roll up some craft paper and tape it into shape.

Get tutorial: DIY Desk Tidy Gift Craft

Two coffee cups are made into a trophy that has stickers that say #1 Dad
Preschool Crafts

52. Coffee Cup Trophy

This idea is equally adorable and simple to create. Just stack a few cups on top of one another, tape them together, and decorate!

Get tutorial: Father’s Day Crafts Ideas for Kids

A child is seen wearing a black apron with a handprint design on it in this example of Father's Day crafts for kids.
On My Kid’s Plate

53. Dad Apron

If your dad is a grill master, this gift will absolutely delight him. Keep his clothes clean with a personalized apron. Use some fabric paint to add a cute handprint lion and a “King of the Grill” message.

Get tutorial: “King of the Grill” Lion Handprint BBQ Apron

54. iDad

How cute is this idea? Create an iDad phone with personalized apps. This is an especially good idea for a handmade gift that a teen can make for the special father figure in their life.

55. Sweet Bag of Chips

This idea is so unique and sweet. Create a bag of chips out of construction paper and then write sweet messages to Dad on each chip. Then fill the bag.

What are your favorite Father’s Day crafts for kids? Come share in the We Are Teachers HELPLINE group on Facebook.

Plus, check out our favorite books for Father’s Day.

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