9 Key Strategies That Created an Industry Benchmark in Agent Retention

At Lamacchia Realty, we’ve cracked the code to retaining top talent in the fiercely competitive world of real estate. Our track record speaks volumes. Over the span of just five years, we’ve experienced exponential growth, expanding our brokerage from a team of 30 to an impressive 500-independent-agent-strong brokerage. This achievement isn’t just about numbers; it’s about loyalty, commitment and shared vision. The unwavering loyalty of our agents is a testament to our effective retention strategies and our holistic approach to their development.

What’s the secret? Here are some key strategies we believe have been instrumental:

The importance of company culture: Cultivating a nurturing, inclusive and growth-centric environment is paramount. At Lamacchia, we’ve realized that agents don’t just look for a place to work—they seek a place where they feel valued, heard and part of a larger mission.

Investing in continuous education: In an ever-evolving market, staying ahead is crucial. By offering a plethora of training sessions, workshops and courses, we empower our agents to continually refine their skills and enhance their market knowledge.

Competitive compensation structures: We recognize and reward the hard work our agents put in. Through innovative commission structures, bonuses and other incentives, we ensure our agents are motivated to achieve their best.

Mentorship and growth opportunities: Every new agent joining us is not just a number but a potential future leader. By establishing mentor-mentee relationships, we provide guidance, ensuring our newer agents can learn from the experiences of industry veterans.

Building team spirit: At the heart of our success is our close-knit community of agents. Through regular team-building events, retreats and celebrations, we’ve cultivated a sense of camaraderie and unity that’s second to none.

Personal and professional development: At Lamacchia, we believe in nurturing the whole individual. We encourage our agents to pursue personal passions and hobbies alongside their professional growth, ensuring a balanced, satisfied and enriched life.

Recognition and rewards: A simple ‘thank you’ goes a long way. We’ve institutionalized systems to recognize and reward our top performers, ensuring their dedication and hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

Agent onboarding: First impressions matter. Our induction process for new agents is thorough, welcoming and tailored to set everyone on a trajectory of success from the outset.

Exit interviews and feedback loop: While our retention rate is something we’re proud of, we continuously seek to learn and evolve. By conducting exit interviews, we aim to gain insights that further refine our strategies, ensuring we remain the preferred choice for real estate professionals.

With these strategies and a genuine commitment to agent welfare and growth, Lamacchia Realty has set a benchmark in agent retention. The journey from 30 to 500 is not merely about growth—it’s a testament to trust, loyalty, and shared success. Add these strategies to your team or brokerage and watch as it flourishes.

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Nicole LeBlanc is the business development manager, and a REALTOR® with Lamacchia Realty. 

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