A Serene Haven in the Heart of the Bahamas

Property Highlights: 

Location: Bimini, Bahamas
Listing Price: $3.5 million
Features: Private residences offering private docks, nearby beach access and expansive indoor/outdoor living spaces.
Added Appeal: World-class amenities such as spa and wellness facilities, a deepwater marina, private golf course and members-only clubhouse.

Imagine a painter blending the most exquisite colors on a canvas, where each stroke creates a masterpiece of luxury and natural beauty. This is the essence of Banyan Tree Bimini Resort & Residences, which Rockwell Island Development Group (RIDGE) is bringing to life. Located in the Bahamas, this extraordinary private enclave promises to redefine elite living in the Caribbean—where the turquoise waters meet the refined sophistication of world-class design.

Perched on the secluded Rockwell Island, just 48 nautical miles from Miami, Banyan Tree Bimini is incredibly accessible…yet feels a world away. A quick 30-minute seaplane ride from Miami (or a mere three hours from major U.S. cities like New York and Texas) transports you to this serene haven. Spanning 750 acres and designed by the renowned Oppenheim Architecture, the development will feature 54 custom waterfront residences, a 50-key five-star hotel and the exclusive Bonito Beach Club. Here, pristine sands and turquoise waters create a backdrop for a new standard in luxurious living.

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Rafael Reyes

RISMedia spoke with Rafael Reyes, the visionary behind Banyan Tree Bimini Resort & Residences, who provided insights into the development’s unique architectural design, its appeal as a luxurious retreat and its commitment to sustainability.

Joey Macari: What makes this a Great Space?

Rafael Reyes: Banyan Tree Bimini Resort & Residences is a great space because of the location, natural beauty and the first of its kind real estate offering all choreographed together by a team of world-class partners. With a physical location as extraordinary as Bimini is, I knew that I had to amass a team with the best in the industry. After many hours of due diligence, we have selected a group of professionals that represent the top of their respective fields. Alongside my development company, Rockwell Island Development Group, we work with OFFICIAL Partners, Banyan Group and Oppenheim Architecture to redefine the market as the next enclave for the jet-set elite, and it will be unlike any other property in the Caribbean. 

JM: How does Oppenheim Architecture’s design philosophy align with your vision for the resort and its residences?

RR: We chose to work with Oppenheim Architecture because of their design philosophy: to build within the land, not on the land. We wanted to celebrate Bimini’s spirit of place with essentials such as water, light and the changes of color within the sky. Each of the residences and bungalows are meant to blend seamlessly within the landscape, while simultaneously providing an enriching experience for the inhabitants. Paying homage to Bahamian style is also important; all residences have a contemporary island style to them and will be a graceful addition to the coastline. 

011 Bimini View 03 Villas Brisas 4 Adobe1998 Full 2 copy edtJM: How does Banyan Tree Bimini Resort & Residences incorporate sustainable practices in its design and operations?

RR: Sustainability and conservation are core components of Banyan Tree Bimini. It’s important that we are good stewards of the Bahamas, and we will ensure that we are always thoughtful and respectful in our development. For instance, the island will be all electric with natural gas and non-diesel vehicles. Owners and guests will have the option to participate in our sustainability program, and Banyan Tree will elevate the green offering as they do so well in other destinations. To protect the mangroves, we created a Land Give Back Program. The program guarantees that designated areas of the site must remain undeveloped in perpetuity, no matter ownership. This is the first time in the country’s history for such an environmentally progressive program to be created. To date, we have returned 22 acres of tidal red mangroves back to the government, with a total projected return of 92.45 acres. As a result, visitors will be able to experience the seasonal migrations of birds, the rare endemic reptiles and the abundance of marine life that has made Bimini famous. 

JM: How do you see Banyan Tree Bimini fitting into the broader market of luxury destination residences?

RR: Working with a brand like Banyan Tree presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. In fact, when I first acquired the plot in Bimini 20 years ago, Banyan Tree was my first call because I was looking for a partner that was exotic, luxurious and truly bespoke. Banyan Tree hit those marks for me, and their approach to sustainability, wellness and well-being will resonate with our buyers. Our clients have been hungry for a weekend hideaway that blends refined living, a sense of adventure and door-to-door ease, and Bimini perfectly encapsulates it all.011 Bimini View 12 Living Great Room SRGB Medium

JM: What unique strategies are you and your team employing to attract potential buyers?

RR: What sets Banyan Tree Bimini Resort & Residences apart is the commitment to creating an immersive, luxurious experience on the island immediately (while homes are being built). OFFICIAL is our partner for U.S. sales and marketing, and they are using Bonito Beach Club as a tool for prospecting. From the culinary creations of Bonito to beach and water activities the island is famous for, plus tennis and padel courts, we are introducing guests to the future of Bimini here and now. 

For more information, please visit https://banyantreeresidencesbimini.com.  

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