Ambani family spotted in 2 Mercedes S680 Guard sedans worth over Rs 20 cr [Video]

The Ambani family possesses the largest and likely the most expensive private car collection in India. Although the exact number of cars owned by the wealthiest Indian family remains unclear, Antilia provides space to park around 168 cars. Notably, Mukesh Ambani and other family members often travel in a convoy of luxurious vehicles. Mukesh Ambani consistently chooses bulletproof cars for security reasons and frequently upgrades his fleet. Following the purchase of the current generation S680 Guard sedan, the family acquired another S680 a few months later. A video featuring both S680 Guard sedans has been shared by CS12 Vlogs on their YouTube channel, recently posted on social media.

From the video, it appears that the Ambani family was visiting a temple and utilized the Mercedes-Benz S680 Guard for transportation. In the footage, the recently acquired S680 Guard is seen parked beside a Bentley luxury sedan. Private security secures the perimeter, restricting access to the general public.

While security personnel wait around the car, Mukesh Ambani, Nita Ambani, and their son are observed exiting the temple, surrounded by guards. The video captures Mukesh Ambani and his wife sitting in the rear seat, with their son, Anant Ambani, seated in the front. At this point, only one Mercedes-Benz S-Class is visible, with the other S-Class absent. As the convoy begins moving, the missing S-Class is spotted parked along the road, joining the convoy.

Ambani family spotted in 2 Mercedes S680 Guard sedans worth over Rs 20 cr [Video]
Mukesh Ambani’s S680 Guard

It remains unclear who occupied the second S-Class and the Bentley parked alongside the S Guard. The first S 680 Guard is finished in golden shade while the colour of the second S-Class is not clear. It looks like matte silver. We could be wrong as the original shade is not clear due to poor lighting. Both the S-680 sedan look like a regular sedan from outside. This is intentionally done to not attract much attention while on the road. While it looks subtle, the amount of protection it packs under the sheets is beyond anyones imagination. The S680 Guard, substantially heavier than a regular sedan due to its armor protection and safety features, weighs nearly 2 tonnes more. The luxury sedan includes protective materials integrated into the standard body shell, 3.5-4 inches thick bullet- and blast-proof multi-layer glass, and a polycarbonate layer for splinter protection. Each door on this sedan weighs around 250 kgs.

The Mercedes-Benz S680 Guard is equipped with reinforced tires that can run flat at speeds of up to 80 kmph. Additionally, it features an onboard intercom for communication with the driver, a fire extinguisher, and a compressed fresh air tank behind the rear seat for emergencies like gas attacks. Despite its weight, the S680 Guard retains all the premium luxury features of the regular S Class. Powered by a 6.0-liter V12 engine generating 612 Ps and 830 Nm of peak torque, the S680 Guard weighs approximately 4.2 tonnes. Mercedes introduces an AWD feature with the Guard variant for the first time. The cost of a new S680 Guard varies based on customization, with an expected price exceeding Rs 10 crore. The Ambani collection also includes older generation S-Class Guard sedans.

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