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Amy Schumer posts an Instagram story about her son’s hospitalization with RSV

Gene, a three-year-old son of comedian Amy Schumer, and Chris Fischer was admitted to the hospital with RSV. He was being treated while Schumer was on “Saturday Night Live.”

Schumer shared a video and photos from her week as a host on the show.

Schumer posted on Instagram, “This was my worst week.” “I missed Thursday rehearsals because my son was rushed into the ER and taken to RSV. We are all supporting the parents who are going through this.

According to the CDC Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection is “a common respiratory disease that often causes mild, cold-like symptoms.”

The website states that while most people feel better within a week or so, older adults and infants could experience serious complications.

Schumer expressed gratitude to the “SNL” team for their support throughout the week.

She shared, “I was able to spend the entire day with him at the hospital and the wonderful humans at @nbcsnl couldn’t have been more supportive.”

“My son is at home and doing well. This show is not about the show or the performances. Schumer said, “It’s the time you get to spend with those people.”

Since her 2015 hosting debut, Schumer has hosted “SNL” multiple times.

In her Instagram post, the comedian thanked some of the crew members for their support and thanked her son’s doctors and nurses.

“The crew! Donna. Jerry. Jodi. Genna. Tom Wally, and so on. Lorne has assembled some of the most talented people and the kindest hearts. She thanked everyone who was there, and the nurses and doctors who helped us,” she said at her end.

Schumer hosted “SNL” between her comedy shows. The last of her shows on the tour will be on Dec. 10, in Los Angeles.

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