Biden proposes funding hike for energy, environment

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The Biden administration is proposing more spending at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Interior Department and Energy Department as part of his annual budget wishlist.

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Congress, not the president, holds the power of the purse, so Biden’s exact proposal is unlikely to actually be implemented as written


But, in an election year, it gives a window into the Biden administration’s priorities for if he’s reelected.


The plans include an approximately 20 percent bump in funding for the EPA, a 21 percent increase for the Interior Department and more modest boost for the Energy Department compared to the spending bill that was recently passed.  


Key specific provisions include: 

  • $500 million for the Green Climate Fund (GCF), which helps developing countries cut their emissions, as part of a four-year proposal totaling $3 billion 
  • $2.4 billion for a fund for drinking water and wastewater infrastructure — representing a more than $1 billion increase over current funding levels
  • Funding to expand the American Climate Corps jobs program, with the ultimate goal of supporting an additional 50,000 corps members annually by 2031 (the program is currently expected to support 20,000 members)

It comes after lawmakers reached a partial government funding deal, which included cuts to agencies including the EPA.

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