Billionaire Boby Chemmannur’s Ford F650 Jump Turns Into Fall: Caught On Camera

Kerala-based billionaire businessman Boby Chemmanur is known for his unique marketing strategies. He is often seen using social media to circulate word about his businesses and new ventures. Along with this, he also uses several expensive cars and SUVs to grab people’s attention. He recently imported a Ford F650 Super Truck from Dubai, and we’ve been seeing a lot of content with the truck online since then. Here, we have a video where Boby Chemmanur falls after jumping on his Ford F650.

The video has been shared by Boby Chemmanur on his Facebook page. In this video, we see behind-the-scenes footage of a video that Boby has been making for his social media handles. He is one of those businessmen who likes to promote his brand on his own. This time, he is using the Ford F650 in the video. We already know how huge this SUV is.

In the video, we see the F650 coming out of a gated society, and Boby Chemmanur running towards it. Boby is a fitness freak and is often seen participating in marathons. He runs towards the F650 truck, and as he reaches near the truck, he simply jumps on the front bumper and climbs onto the bonnet of the truck. If you look carefully, the bonnet of the truck is so high that Boby had to literally climb up.

He pulls himself up while standing on the chrome-plated metal bumper. Boby Chemmanur then lifts his right leg and keeps it on the bonnet of the truck while the other one is still on the bumper. Boby manages to maintain the posture for some time. While all this is happening, we can see two camera persons with a gimbal running around the businessman.

Boby Chemmanur falls from F650
Boby Chemmanur falls from F650

They were hired to make a video of the businessman. After a few seconds, we see Boby Chemmanur getting down but he fails to notice the camera person who was right behind him. He steps on the feet of the cameraperson and immediately loses balance. The cameraman also loses balance, however, he manages to save himself and the camera from the fall. We then see Boby losing balance and falling on the road.

Boby Chemmanur’s team has turned this into a troll video. The comment section of the video is filled with comments like “Boby Chemmanur doesn’t need anyone else’s help, he trolls himself.” Boby had imported this Ford F650 just before the new year.

We saw this Super truck in many social media videos. There is even a video where the businessman is seen dancing on the roof of this particular truck in his 1000-acre tea plantation in Wayanad.

The F-series trucks from Ford are some of the most popular trucks in the world. The exact dimensions of the F650 are not available as the rear bed on this pickup truck is not offered from the factory. Ford sells this pickup truck with just the cab and stripped chassis at the rear.

It’s only after customization that the truck looks complete. The truck is powered by a massive 6.7-liter turbocharged diesel engine that generates 330 PS and 1015 Nm of peak torque.

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