Fox contributor compares charges facing Trump to Charles Manson

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Fox contributor Marc Thiessen blasted the ongoing prosecution former President Trump is facing in a civil fraud case in New York, comparing what Trump faces to that of cult leader Charles Manson.

Thiessen said Trump’s team “ought to be relieved,” after Monday’s ruling from a five-judge state appeals court panel that paused enforcement of the $464 million judgment against the former president if he posts a $175 million bond within 10 days. Trump said Monday he will pay the bond.

“Because if this judgment had not been lowered, if Trump couldn’t meet it, if you want to make sure Donald Trump is elected president of the United States, go let Letitia James walk up to Trump Tower and stamp an eviction notice on the side of that building and seize it,” he continued, adding “even the people who don’t support Donald Trump would see it as an outrage.”

Thiessen then made an analogy comparing Trump to Manson, an infamous cult leader who was convicted of first degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder and a number of other crimes in connection with a series of killings by his followers in the late 1960s.

“None of this would be happening if Donald Trump wasn’t running for president,” Thiessen said. “They’ve issued 91 indictments against Donald Trump. Charles Manson faced ten. Okay? They’ve got multiple cases trying to bankrupt him.”

The pundit’s comments were first highlighted by Mediaite.

Thiessen is a regular contributor to Fox and often appears on its various news and opinion shows. Trump recently attacked the pundit in a Truth Social post calling him a “RINO Bush apologist,” after he noted what he said was Trump’s popularity issues with voters.

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