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How Dusty Baker, a beloved 73-year-old, became the oldest manager to win the World Series

Dusty Baker was seated in the dugout looking down at his notepad and making notes when his support staff and coaching suddenly rushed him and chanted his name as the Houston Astros won the World Series.

“I feel great, these guys have the best guys. They always believe. He said, “This is for my mom, my dad, my mother that died in January, my brother, and all my brothers,” before he went on to hug his wife, high-five everyone who was rushing to him, and then he added, “This is for my mom, my dad, and my mom that died in January.”

Baker said, “God, dangit,” and turned to the ESPN reporter, widening his grin. It’s amazing.

The 73-year-old had accomplished everything else. He was the only manager in MLB history who led five teams to the postseason. He also won division titles with five clubs. He was the first Black manager to win 2,000 career matches. He is also the only person in MLB history to have 1,800 hits as a player as well as 1,800 wins as a manager.

According to MLB.com, he stated that he had won 2,000 victories and they only talk about me not winning the World Series yet. It matters. It is important for the people. It is important to us.

Baker, who was the third Black manager to win this year’s World Series after Cito Gaston and Dave Roberts, became the winner.

He said that his mom had told him many times that to be African American, one must be twice as successful to do the same thing. “I heard it over and over.”

Baker had been so close to the World Series title, but he was unable to do it. Baker reached the final hurdle with the San Francisco Giants in 2002, when they were 5-0 ahead and only eight runs away from the title. Baker also made it with the Astros in 2021.

Baker has been pursuing this goal for almost 30 years, ever since he assumed charge of his first team, the Giants, in 1993.

He was loved by the entire baseball community for his empathy and thoughtfulness, and he was always second.

Trey Mancini, the Astros first baseman and outfielder, spoke to The Athletic about Baker’s kindness toward his players.

Mancini stated that some players liked banana pudding. Baker bought it on the road for them and left it in their lockers while he went to St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Mancini brought back a Rosary.

Baker was the perfect remedy for an Astros team still reeling after the scandal that marred their 2017 World Series title.

According to Lance McCullers Jr., “When he arrived here in 2020 we had the whole cheating scam and we had Covid.”

He was a stabilizing force in our lives. Although I wish we could have done this sooner, he deserved it.”

Baker is now the World Series champion and the oldest manager to have won the prize. He also surpasses all other head coaches who have won the Super Bowl, NBA championship, or Stanley Cup.

“I knew it was coming, sooner or later, if you stay around long enough, and you have good teams, I just knew it would happen.” He said that if I win one, then I want to win two.

Baker had a successful playing career before becoming a coach. He won the 1981 World Series with the Los Angeles Dodgers. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, his 40-year span between titles is the longest between two consecutive World Series wins as either a manager or player.

Baker said, “I’m so glad it took this long.” “If this had happened years ago, I might not be here today.

“Maybe it wasn’t meant to happen, but I wanted to hopefully influence a few young men’s lives and families and a lot of people in the nation, showing what perseverance can do for you.”

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