How sustainable is your adventuremobile? This scorecard can help you find out

Tesla was a “bright spot,” however, after introducing requirements for Free, Prior, and Informed Consent in its responsible sourcing policy, and disclosing risks to Indigenous rights. “Corporations that have already taken positive steps in this space must demand progress from the industry as a whole and call on peers to act,” the Sierra Club reported in an article about the scorecard.

Furthermore, companies are “mostly failing to take action on workers’ rights in their supply chains.” While Ford, Mercedes, and BMW have some degree of living wage requirements for their suppliers, none have defined what they mean by that.

Ultimately, Lead the Charge is aiming for an auto industry that strives to make all vehicles equitably, sustainably, and fully electric with a fossil fuel-free supply chain, and with supply chains that respect the rights of Indigenous Peoples, workers, and local communities. The full report is extensive and includes case studies on nickel mining in Indonesia, French efforts to promote cleaner electric vehicles, clean steel, electric vehicle battery recycling, and more. If you’re currently in the market for a new adventuremobile to get you into the mountains (or, you know, to work), it’s well worth a read.

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