India’s First Maruti Alto Caravan Is A Home-On-Wheels [Video]

If you are planning to buy a caravan to but are on a tight budget, we have got the perfect solution for you. Today, we will cover a 15 year old Maruti Suzuki Alto which has been converted into a caravan. Being based on an old alto, this project was already pretty affordable but the cost is further reduced as you can do it yourself at home.

The entire process is shown to us via a YouTube video uploaded by Jagadeesha T H M. In the video, a child along with his dad does all the work to convert their old Alto into a caravan. In addition to this, the entire video is narrated by the kid that makes it even more interesting.

First of all, the uses of this caravan conversion are shown. Half portion of this hatchback can be converted into a bed which provides enough space for one person. This setup is more useful in situation where one person will rest/sleep while the other one will drive. The resting passenger has a TV for his entertainment. Also, the host wanted to use this car in cases of emergency where the patient can lay down comfortable while he is driving.

Secondly, the entire cabin can be converted into a full flat bed. The host mentions that he and his dad can sleep comfortably and the car has enough space for both of them. While going on trips, this setup is useful as one needs not to worry about booking a hotel.

maruti alto caravan

The boot of the car has been fitted with a kitchen setup. This setup includes multiple storage spaces for kitchen equipment and a table which can be pulled out and unfolded to be a kitchen counter. A small folding stool is also added in the boot.

As the boot is entirely covered by the kitchen setup, they have built a rooftop box for luggage storage. They further demonstrate how many bags can be stored in this box. Also, this storage box is lockable which prevents the stuff from getting stolen.

After highlighting the key features of the car, the video shows the entire process. It can be seen that the dad of the host has completely built the car on his own that to at home. The dad mentions that is three main goals with this project were to use the car as a lifesaving vehicle, to use it as a sleeper coach and to use it as a double bed. He has managed to achieve all of this.

He then goes on explaining his though process behind this project. Even the curtains which are added in the cabin are made by the host himself. Most of the additions in this car are made from wood. Hydraulic struts are also added to this storage box to add to the convenience.

The cost involved in this project is not mentioned in the video but as it was a DIY project and the host did everything at home, we can assume that this did not cost much.

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