Kellyanne Conway: Democrats are losing minority voters over their 'attack' on religion

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Kellyanne Conway, a former senior adviser to former President Trump, said the reason why Democrats are “partly” losing minority voters is because of their “attack” on religion. 

“You have so many Democrats who seem hostile to religion, I think it’s partly why they’re losing voters of color because if you go into any Catholic Church, you and I are both Catholic in any suburb in this country on a Sunday, it’s multi-generations of Hispanics and Asian Americans filling up those pews in some of those Masses,” Conway told Fox News’ Laura Ingraham during her Wednesday appearance on the “Ingraham Angle.” 

Conway, who served as Trump’s 2016 campaign manager, made the remarks while discussing the recent poll Wall Street Journal poll released Wednesday which found Trump being ahead of President Biden in six of the seven swing states, outside of Wisconsin. 

The Fox News contributor also stated that topics around faith should be brought up more with the growing sentiment of the U.S. population feeling lonely.

“And you have Democrats always offering us their thoughts, never their prayers, big social science surveys, people are losing their faith,” she said on Wednesday. “They feel lonely, they feel isolated. We should be talking more about faith, not less.” 

She had similar remarks last month about religion, saying Democrats are “openly hostile to” it. 

“Multi-generations in the pews, Hispanics, and Asian Americans,” she said on Fox Business. “I’ve seen it firsthand. The Masses are in Tagalog, they’re in Korean, they’re in Spanish. That’s who’s propping up the churches. The Whites are out jogging and having brunch. They’ve lost it. They’re openly hostile to the people.

Conway, who was paid by Club for Growth to lobby lawmakers to vote against the bipartisan bill to ban TikTok, said that Democrats “will regret” not having an alternative presidential ticket for 2024. 

“I think the Democrats will regret not getting rid of Biden and Harris a year ago and put someone else in there, maybe lose to Donald Trump in 2024, making the face of the opposition,” she said. 

She is reportedly weighing an offer to join Trump’s 2024 team, Axios reported last week, citing a person familiar with her thinking, but a senior Trump advisor said there’s is no offer at the moment.

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