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Lindsay Lohan screams after Aaron Carter’s passing: “May he rest in Peace.”

After Aaron Carter’s passing on Saturday, Lindsay Lohan spoke out about his death. He was 34.

Lohan, 36, said that Carter and his family still have a lot of her love after they briefly dated in 2000.

Lohan expressed his condolences to the family of Entertainment Tonight’s late star. “And God bless his… and yeah, there’s a lot of love there.”

Lindsay’s tribute follows several celebrities speaking out about Carter’s passing. He was confirmed to have died at his Lancaster, California home on Saturday.

Hillary Duff, who was famous with Carter in the early 2000s, took to Instagram to pay tribute to the star over the weekend.

Duff wrote, “I’m deeply sorry life was so difficult for you and that it took you so long to

get by in front of the entire world.” My teenage self loved you deeply because of your charm. I send my love and support to your family. Rest in peace.

Carter and Duff had an intermittent relationship. Carter made an appearance on Duff’s popular show, “Lizzie McGuire.” Carter briefly dated Lohan at the time of their final split.

Carter is the younger brother to Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys. He was well-known for his hits “I Want Candy” (and “That’s how I beat Shaq”)

In an Instagram post, Nick remembered his brother. The 42-year-old wrote that his heart was broken today. Even though we have had a difficult relationship, our love has never wavered.

Nick said, “I have always believed that he would someday choose to walk a healthy route and find the help he needs.” Sometimes, we feel the need to blame someone or something. The truth is that addiction and mental illnesses are the real villains in this situation.”

On Saturday, Aaron’s fiancee Melanie Martin issued a statement in which she stated that “We are still in process of accepting this unfortunate fact.”

She said, “Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.”

Martin requested privacy to help the family grieve. Carter and Martin welcomed their son Prince on November 22, 2021.

Carter became famous at the age of nine when he released his self-titled debut album, in 1997. His 2000 album “Aaron’s Party(Come Get It)” was his follow-up. It sold more than three million copies in the U.S., and produced many hit singles, including “I Want Candy” (the title track) and “That’s how I Beat Shaq”.

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