Scooter rider falls on road after thieves on Apache snatch phone: Dash cam video

We come across several reports in newspapers and on social media platforms about robbery and vehicle theft from different parts of the country. Authorities have installed surveillance cameras and increased security on the roads; however, these incidents continue to happen on a daily basis. There are several CCTV videos of car theft available online. In those videos, parked cars or bikes are stolen from the roads outside the houses of the owners. In some cases, the thieves are caught, and in the rest of them, they are not. Here, we have a video where a group of thieves on a TVS Apache bike steal a mobile phone from a scooter rider on the road.

The video has been shared by Prateek Singh on their YouTube channel. The video was shared with him by a subscriber. This theft was actually recorded on the dash camera of a Tata Harrier. The incident took place in the national capital of Delhi. In this video, we can see a TVS Apache bike with three people, including the rider, on it. It doesn’t look like any of them are wearing helmets. The bike is seen on the left-hand side of the screen. There is another two-wheeler rider on a scooter seen on the right side of the screen.

The video clarity is quite poor as it was recorded at night. We can see a decent number of vehicles on the road. The Apache rider on the left slowly starts to change lanes. One of the pillion riders can be seen turning his head around to check the traffic, and he changes lanes just as the Harrier was about to overtake it. The bike changes lanes and immediately moves to the lane where the scooter rider was. All the vehicles were moving slowly, and the scooter rider was actually looking at his phone while riding.

Scooter rider falls on road after thieves on Apache snatch phone: Dash cam video
thieves snatching phone

He was distracted and did not notice the bike that was next to him. The Apache rider rode the bike too close to the scooter rider, and the pillion immediately snatched the phone from him. The scooter rider was not expecting that, and he was also not holding the phone properly. He was holding the phone with one hand while using the phone with the other. As soon as the phone got snatched, the rider panicked and lost balance, falling on the road. Thankfully, all the vehicles behind were following speed limits and were not being driven recklessly. They all stopped in time. The scooter rider stood up, probably processing the fact that his phone had been snatched.

The whole incident was recorded in the video, and it was quite clear that it was a planned move by the thieves. They must have kept an eye on the scooter rider, and when they found the opportunity, they snatched the phone. The scooter rider was also at fault. He was using a mobile phone while riding a two-wheeler, clearly distracted. Thankfully, he did not get injured or get hit by any other vehicle that was behind him. Never use mobile phones while riding a two-wheeler, and if you are driving a car, keep your doors locked while on the road.

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