Suzuki Gixxer SF vs Keeway SR 250: Navigating the Entry-Level Sports Bike Terrain

In the diverse landscape of entry-level sports bikes, the Suzuki Gixxer SF and Keeway SR 250 carve out distinctive niches. These models cater to adrenaline junkies and aspiring enthusiasts, blending performance with affordability to introduce new riders to the thrills of sports biking. The Gixxer SF, from the renowned stable of Suzuki, offers a polished sports experience, while the Keeway SR 250 brings a unique flavor with its café racer styling. This review will dissect their offerings to guide potential buyers in making an informed choice.

Bikes Overview

The Suzuki Gixxer SF is revered for its aerodynamic design and sports-oriented performance, drawing on Suzuki’s rich racing heritage. It offers riders a taste of the supersport world, wrapped in a package that’s both accessible and enticing for newcomers. The bike features a full-fairing design, sharp lines, and an aggressive stance that promises speed and agility.

Suzuki Gixxer SF
Suzuki Gixxer SF

Conversely, the Keeway SR 250 stands out with its retro café racer aesthetics, offering a blend of classic charm and modern performance. Its design exudes a vintage spirit paired with contemporary engineering, appealing to those who favor style as much as substance. This bike is particularly aimed at riders looking to make a style statement without compromising on performance.

Keeway SR 250
Keeway SR 250

Engine and Performance Comparison

Attribute Suzuki Gixxer SF Keeway SR 250
Engine Type 4-Cycle, 1-cylinder, Air cooled Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke, 2 Valve, Air Cooled Engine
Displacement 155 cc 223 cc
Peak Power 13.6 PS @ 8000 rpm 16.22 PS @ 7500 rpm
Max Torque 13.8 Nm @ 6000 rpm 16 Nm @ 6500 rpm
Fuel Supply Fuel Injection Fuel Injection
Cooling System Air Cooled Air Cooled

The Suzuki Gixxer SF, with its 155cc engine, is tuned for optimal urban riding, offering a balanced mix of power and efficiency. It shines in terms of fuel economy and smooth riding dynamics. The Keeway SR 250, on the other hand, steps up with a 223cc engine that delivers more power and torque, making it suitable for those seeking a robust ride capable of longer journeys and higher speeds.

Handling and Braking Comparison

Both bikes are designed with a focus on providing a spirited yet secure riding experience. The Suzuki Gixxer SF features a lightweight frame and responsive suspension setup, making it exceptionally agile in urban environments and tight corners. It employs a single-channel ABS that ensures safety without overwhelming new riders.

Suzuki Gixxer SF
Suzuki Gixxer SF

The Keeway SR 250, with its slightly heavier build, offers a stable and comfortable ride, thanks to its well-balanced chassis and effective shock absorption. It comes equipped with dual-channel ABS, providing enhanced braking control that appeals to riders who frequent varied terrains and require more from their bike’s braking systems.

Features and Technology Comparison

In terms of technological integrations, both bikes boast modern features that enhance their appeal. The Suzuki Gixxer SF is equipped with an all-digital instrument panel that offers comprehensive ride data, LED lighting for improved visibility, and a sharp, sporty display.

The Keeway SR 250 doesn’t lag, featuring LED lights and a digital display that blends retro design with modern functionality. It lacks some of the advanced electronics seen in the Gixxer SF but holds its own with a strong focus on essential features that enhance riding pleasure and safety.

Keeway SR 250
Keeway SR 250

Ergonomics and Comfort Comparison

Ergonomically, both bikes cater to comfort without sacrificing their sporty essence. The Suzuki Gixxer SF has a rider-friendly setup that encourages long durations in the saddle, making it ideal for both daily commutes and weekend getaways. Its seating is crafted to support an aggressive riding posture that’s still comfortable.

Suzuki Gixxer SF
Suzuki Gixxer SF

The Keeway SR 250 offers a more relaxed seating position, suitable for leisurely rides and cruising. Its ergonomics are designed to reduce rider fatigue, which is particularly beneficial during extended trips, making it a great choice for those who prioritize comfort over aggressive riding dynamics.

Styling and Visual Appeal Comparison

The Suzuki Gixxer SF is modern and sleek, with a design that hints at speed and performance. It is visually appealing to those who desire a contemporary sports bike look.

In contrast, the Keeway SR 250 captures the essence of a vintage café racer, appealing to those who appreciate classic motorcycle aesthetics. Its unique style sets it apart in a sea of modern designs, making it a standout choice for style-conscious riders.

Keeway SR 250
Keeway SR 250

Value and Ownership Comparison

The Suzuki Gixxer SF, priced between ₹1,37,100 and ₹1,45,901, offers great value with its advanced features and dependable performance. The Keeway SR 250, priced at ₹1,49,000, is slightly more expensive but justifies its price with its larger engine and distinctive design.


Both the Suzuki Gixxer SF and Keeway SR 250 present compelling options within the entry-level sports bike segment. The choice between them depends on the rider’s preference for either a modern sports bike or a classic café racer with substantial performance capabilities. Each bike holds its ground with distinct advantages, tailored to different rider profiles and preferences. The decision ultimately rests on what the rider values most: cutting-edge technology and performance or style and comfort with adequate power.

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