Tata Safari Driver And National Level Shooter Hits Cab Driver With Gun [Video]

Road rage incidents have become much more common in India, and we come across several videos and reports about them from different parts of the country. The latest video comes from Lucknow, where a businessman, frustrated with a cab driver who crashed into the rear of his car, assaulted him in the middle of the road in broad daylight. The highlight of this incident was that he pulled out a gun and hit the cab driver with the pistol butt.

The video has been circulating on various social media platforms. The video seen here is shared by a Twitter user named Govind Pratap Singh on his profile. In this video, we see a current version of the Tata Safari parked in the rightmost lane of the road, with a Maruti WagonR cab right behind it.

According to reports that have surfaced online, the Safari belonged to an Uttar Pradesh-based businessman, Vinod Mishra. Mishra is also said to be a shooter who has reportedly won the 10 meter air pistol shooting gold medal in the Asia Pacific Masters Games held in South Korea during 2023. The shooter-businessman was not happy with the fact that the cab had hit his SUV from the rear. He lost his cool and started arguing with the driver. The argument probably escalated quickly, and the shooter-businessman pulled out his gun and started hitting the cab driver with the butt of the gun.

The incident happened in the Gomti Nagar area of Lucknow city. The person posted this video with the caption, “This is Lucknow… from the Chief Minister to all the top officials sitting here. A bully is hitting a man with the butt of a pistol in the middle of the street. The incident is being reported from the Vibhutikhand police station area.”

Safari owner hitting cab driver with pistol butt
Safari owner hitting cab driver with pistol butt

The video has gone viral on the internet, and people are not happy with what they have seen. Most of them are surprised by the fact that this man pulled out a gun in public and used it to assault the other party. One user wrote, “Strict action should be taken against the perpetrator so that an example can be set to instill fear of the law in the minds of such gunda elements.” Another user questioned how the person was carrying a gun, especially when the code of conduct is in place. Most of them have tagged the Uttar Pradesh police and asked them to look into this matter and take necessary actions.

It appears that the UP police did come across the post and have taken action against the individual. Reports suggest that the businessman who was hitting the cab driver with his gun has been identified and arrested. Further investigation has also started in this matter.

Road Rage

This is a clear case of road rage. According to the report, the only reason why the cab driver was assaulted was that his car hit the businessman’s SUV. With the number of vehicles on Indian roads increasing every day, the chances of such minor crashes are high. It is always a good idea to stay alert while driving, and if something like that does happen, try to avoid any confrontation.

If the damage is major, claim insurance. Fighting in the middle of the road is not going to solve the issue. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, always call the local police for assistance and do not engage with the other party, as you never know when things could escalate as seen here.

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