Tesla Cheaper To Maintain Than Even Toyota: Consumer Reports

There are various factors that people consider before buying a new or used car. Features, fuel efficiency, and build quality are some of those factors. People also compare the cost of ownership or the maintenance cost of the car, as some cars are more expensive to maintain than others. In India, many brands are not gaining customers’ attention for the same reason. When it comes to the international market, there are more brands than what we have in India. According to a recent report, the maintenance cost of a Tesla is actually lower than that of a Toyota.

Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y

The report has been published by Consumer Reports on their website. According to the report, the website conducted a survey including their members to find out the amount they have spent on maintenance of their cars in the last 12 months. Accidents and repairs related to those were not included in this.

The findings revealed that there was a significant increase in cost as the cars aged. The report showed that cars need little or no work in the first five years. Most car manufacturers offer a warranty of at least 3 years, and customers also get the option to extend the warranty at the time of purchase.

The survey showed that most car owners had to spend more on maintenance in the sixth to tenth year period. After calculating the cumulative cost of different brands for 10 years, they found that Tesla had the lowest maintenance cost. The most expensive brand to maintain, according to the survey, was Land Rover.

Survey result
Survey result

The reason why we feel Tesla is the least expensive car to maintain is that it is an electric car manufacturer. As we know, EVs have a lower running cost when compared to ICE vehicles. Electric cars do not need servicing or oil changes like a petrol or diesel car. This is one reason they are affordable for buyers when it comes to maintenance.

In fact, the survey shows that Tesla is cheaper than Toyota when it comes to maintenance. The total 10-year cost of maintaining a Tesla is around 4,035 USD, while for Toyota, it is 4,900 USD.

Another interesting finding in the report is that out of the top 5 car brands, 4 of them are American brands. The report mentions that American brands are cheaper to maintain when compared to Korean and German car brands.

Toyota Camry
Toyota Camry

The top 5 car brands that are not too expensive to maintain are Tesla, Buick, Toyota, Lincoln, and Ford. In India, Toyota is considered one of the most reliable brands. The Japanese car manufacturer is known for offering reliable cars. In India, we have several Innovas and Fortuner SUVs that have done over 5 lakh kms on the odometer without breaking a sweat.

They are also said to be easy on the pocket when it comes to maintenance. We have done a detailed article in the past where we talk about what makes Toyota cars so reliable. You can check out that story by clicking here. Tesla is also planning to enter the Indian market, and the car manufacturer is expected to enter the Indian market sometime later this year.

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