The Best Recent Mysteries for Your Book Club

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Before we get to today’s Book Riot line-up, a little literary trivia for you. Do you know how Rick Riordan was inspired to write the Percy Jackson series? Find out here.

Today, I’ve got some recent mystery/thrillers for you to discuss with your book club.

These mysteries will take you everywhere, from Nigeria to Japan and Ireland, and are written by established faves and newcomers alike.

We’ve covered the literary references made on the show as well as books we think the Golden Girls would read. Now I’m telling you what I think they should read. My process was mostly based on feels and vibes, with lots of references to specific episodes that informed my picks. If you’re a fan of the show, pick your favorite character. I hope you read and enjoy the selections I’ve made for them, too.

Today’s selections run the gamut from cute to creepy. If you want dark tales that examine the consequences of allowing our worst impulses to go unchecked, we’ve definitely got that. Or maybe you want to commemorate Pride Month with titles focusing on the experiences of queer people, both real and fictional — we’ve got you covered there, too. And I’m extra excited about the work that DC is releasing this month: it’s a beautiful reimagining of a classic yet seriously underrated character.

Pride Month in the publishing world usually follows the trend of Pride Month marketing by highlighting queer books in their backlist and marketing queer new releases. A Pride Month release is a big deal for an author. For a new author, it’s an opportunity to be included in a lot of pre-Pride Month coverage, placement on a Pride Month new releases table in a bookstore, and more general press.

Thrillers continue to be among the most popular books in the world right now. Whether you’re a longtime reader or eager to dip your toes into the genre, an excellent place to turn to are the International Thriller Award winners. This year, the prizes were announced at Thrillerfest XX on June 1.

I read once that you can categorize fantasy novels by how they write about a cup of tea. If the only time tea is mentioned is when it’s poisoned in an assassination attempt, you’re likely near to the grimdark side of the spectrum. If it’s included in passing as being drank while the main characters strategize in a war room, you’re probably reading a typical high fantasy novel. If the preparation of the tea is described in loving detail, though, and the characters get to slowly enjoy it during a low-stakes conversation, you’re firmly in the cozy fantasy category.

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