Wild elephant forces family in Tata Punch to flee: Caught on video

With the rise in population, building of new roads and shrinking forest covers in India, human and animal conflicts have become common. The recent one from Kotdwar, Uttarakhand. The video shows a family panicking and rushing out from the Tata Punch as a wild elephant blocks the way.

The incident has been recorded by a fellow motorist who was also stuck because of the elephant blocking the way. The video shows a few people possibly from the same family coming out of the car. As they proceed far away from the vehicle towards the person who is recording the video, the elephant inches closer to the Tata Punch.

A few moments later, as the elephant gets distracted, a few more people emerge from the car and one of them even had a child in the arms. The man with the child also stumbled down and fell on the road but he quickly recovered and ran away from the vehicle.

The elephant did not come close to the Punch but as you can see, the Punch is parked quite close to the animal. It is likely that the driver of the Punch did not see the animal in time or thought that he will be able to get past. Later the elephant goes the other way leaving the scared motorists alone.

Elephants can attack

In Karnataka, three friends were attacked by wild elephants. One of them exited the vehicle in an elephant corridor, while another started taking photos. The elephant became agitated and charged towards them. The friends panicked and ran towards their car in an attempt to escape. One of them hid in the bushes, but upon the sight of the elephant, they ran towards the car as well.

Upon reaching the SUV, the driver panicked and accelerated, causing one of the friends to fall on the road. Fortunately, he managed to get inside the vehicle unharmed. While other cars stopped to assist after the elephant’s attack, the authorities later tracked down the youths and imposed a fine on them.

It is crucial to leave wild animals alone, as they can be unpredictable and may attack if they feel threatened. Elephants are typically peaceful creatures and do not attack without provocation. However, if they feel endangered, they may lash out. This is why maintaining a safe distance from wild animals is essential. When encountering herds of elephants crossing roads in the forests or national parks, it is best to halt and wait until they pass without disturbance.

If the animal does attack the vehicle, it is essential to remain calm and avoid provoking it further. Threatening the animal can exacerbate the situation and put occupants at greater risk.

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