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To make their homes stand out and get top dollar, sellers often tackle pre-listing repairs or renovations. While it can be difficult to find the money to cover those projects in addition to a down payment, closing costs and moving expenses, Curbio has solved that problem by allowing homeowners to make improvements while paying nothing upfront.

When sellers work with Curbio, the entire cost of improvements is deferred until closing. Better yet, homeowners aren’t required to make a deposit or progress payments, pay fees or interest, or undergo a credit check.

“Not having to pay upfront is an ideal way for clients to do repairs that are needed or suggested,” says Lyon Real Estate Director of Marketing Jamie Crawford.

Curbio earns money the same way general contractors do, only getting paid for work performed. Working with sellers who are represented by a licensed real estate agent, there are no minimum or maximum prices for projects. Instead, Curbio uses an equity equation to set a homeowner’s maximum budget.

Each seller is matched with a project manager, a full-time Curbio employee who serves as a point of contact throughout the process. Curbio takes care of sourcing supplies, obtaining permits and other critical functions.

An in-house design team works with vendors to select quality materials that appeal to buyers and that are readily available. Homeowners can even choose from a range of styles and price points.

Curbio uses only licensed and insured tradespeople and subcontractors. And according to Crawford, Curbio’s contractors are “exceptional.”

Utilizing a standardized pricing model, customers don’t have to worry about fluctuations due to location, season or a contractor’s availability. And since Curbio provides fixed-price proposals, the cost of a project won’t change, even if the price of materials or labor increases.

“Sellers who have worked with Curbio have consistently been impressed. All I’ve gotten is great feedback,” notes Crawford.

“We take the initiative to find services that are great for agents and clients,” adds Crawford, who explains that Curbio is offered to all agents on the team and heavily promoted. Since Lyon Real Estate partnered with Curbio back in 2022, the firm has received 168 total estimates—and 25 agents have completed projects.

But it doesn’t end there. In fact, according to Crawford, Curbio’s app is one of its best features. The dashboard makes it easy for sellers to schedule meetings, track progress and make decisions. A Curbio project manager, homeowner and real estate agent can also share text and video updates via the app.

Partnering with Curbio helps agents attract clients and get referrals, although Crawford notes that many sellers aren’t aware that a service like Curbio exists until agents mention it to them. 

Curbio’s model sets it apart from others, including brokerage concierge services, which pay contractors and get reimbursed when a property is sold. But agents and homeowners are responsible for choosing contractors and overseeing projects. Since Curbio assigns each seller a project manager, agents avoid the stress of coordinating with contractors.

Crawford notes that offering Curbio benefits the firm when it comes to recruitment and retention as agents understand that it can help them attract business while making their jobs easier.

The firm’s Curbio rep is always available, attending meetings at branch offices and answering questions via Zoom. “I can’t stress enough how great our rep is.” concludes Crawford.

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