Rare Mercedes S600 Limousine Worth Crores Abandoned On Pune Roadside

When we find a post related to an abandoned exotic or expensive luxury car, we try to share it on our page for a couple of reasons. For anyone who loves cars, an abandoned car is a very sad sight to see. By doing a story about such cars, there is a chance that an interested party might get in touch with the owner and give the car a new lease on life. Recently, we came across a post about an abandoned Bentley Arnage in Pune. Similarly, we now have a new post featuring a Mercedes-Benz S600 that has been lying on the roadside for years.

The images have been circulating on several social media platforms online. It is actually a really sad sight because the car has been lying on the roadside for years. We found a post about the car that shared its story. According to the post, the Mercedes S600 W220 generation sedan belonged to a 53-year-old man who was running a chit fund organization.

In 2004, he fulfilled his dream of owning a luxury car. After some time, the police received a tip about the chit fund owner and his involvement in some black money case. The officers conducted a raid; however, the chit fund organization owner somehow managed to bribe the authorities and avoid trouble.

However, trouble was not over for him. Government agencies started noticing his activities, and he soon expected a raid from central or government agencies. Fearing a government raid, the owner of the car decided to leave the country. He drove the car to the location where we see it in these images. After this, he took an autorickshaw and left for the airport.

Abandoned W220 limousine
Abandoned W220 limousine

This happened in 2009, and since then, the car has been lying under this tree on the roadside. It is not clear why the car was not taken to an impound ground by the cops. The condition of the car is really bad. The suspension on this car has completely collapsed.

The front bumper of the car is missing, and similarly, the tires also look damaged. The ORVMs on this car are missing, and we can also see several dents on the fenders and other body panels. Not to forget the dust, bird droppings, and dry leaves that have accumulated on the car over the years.

It is not clear from the pictures if the interior is in the same condition as the exterior. If you look carefully, the car seen here in the images is a limousine. It is a rare car, but we do not know if this was actually a limousine from the factory or if the owner actually got it modified into a limousine. The W220 limousine is actually rare in India.

India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani’s father Dhirubhai, used to own one of these cars, and the Ambanis still have it in their collection. The car was powered by a 6.0-liter V12 M137 engine. This engine generated 367 PS and 530 Nm of peak torque. We hope it’s not too late for this car to come back to life and for someone to find a way to own this car and bring it back to life.

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