Uttar Pradesh Police Crush 509 Illegal Royal Enfield Silencers [Video]

Over the last few months, the police authorities across the entire country have been cracking down on illegal silencers of bikes. We have seen police authorities from different cities seizing and crushing illegal loud silencers. Most recently, the city police from Hapur, Uttar Pradesh, has also done the same. A video showing the police crushing a total of 509 illegal silencers from Royal Enfield motorcycles has been shared online.

This video of the illegally modified silencers being crushed on public roads by Hapur Police has come courtesy of ANI News. In the video, a road roller was seen lining up in front of the silencers which were laid on the road. A few moments later, the road roller started crushing all of the illegal silencers seized by Hapur Police.

Hapur Police crackdown on illegal silencers

Hapur Police crushing illegal silencers

While addressing the media, Varun Mishra, DSP of Hapur Police, stated, “Modified silencers cause more noise pollution…From January 1 till date, more than 500 such modified silencers were seized by Hapur Police. The same was destroyed with the help of road rollers today…”

Hyderabad Police also crushed 1000 silencers

Just a few weeks ago, Hyderabad Police authorities also shared a video of them crushing 1000 similar illegal silencers. The video was shared on X. It was stated that around 1000 modified silencers of bikes were crushed.

Hyderabad oolcie crushes illegal silencers

The post mentioned that “As per the amendment of Section 190(2) of the Motor Vehicle Act, fitting pressure horn and modified silencers on your bike causing air and noise pollution is punishable with a fine of up to Rs. 10,000/- and imprisonment of up to six months.”

Pune Police also did a similar crackdown

For those who may not be aware, back in February of this year, Pune police also seized and crushed 571 illegal silencers. It was reported that Pune Police even issued a new WhatsApp number. This special WhatsApp number was circulated to be used by people to directly report their complaints about modified silencers.

Bullet silencers crushed pune

It was also reported that in just a span of 12 days of this initiative, Pune police managed to issue fines to 2,183 motorcycle riders with modified silencers. This drive was initiated by Pune police on February 7 to curb the noise pollution created by these riders.

3000 half helmets and 70 silencers destroyed by Karnataka police

In other similar crackdowns on illegal silencers, Shivamogga Police from Karnataka also destroyed 70 illegal silencers. The police authorities not only seized Royal Enfield silencers but they also seized other loud and illegal exhausts of superbikes as well.

Helmets and silencers crushed by bulldozer

In addition, the police authorities also did something unique. They crushed more than 3,000 half helmets as well. Shivamogga Police SP Mithun Kumar, during his interview with media personnel, stated that this operation had been taking place in the city of Shivamogga since January of this year.

He stated that “wearing a half-helmet is like dressing up for namesake.” Kumar added that this operation was initiated to create awareness among the public. The operation was conducted under the leadership of PI Santhosh Kumar. Lastly, he concluded that he will continue this operation in the coming days.

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